Taiwan Certificate No:
China Certificate No:
Koran Certificate No:
Suitable Materials:
Inner Layer Boards
Black / Brow Negative Films
Membrane Overlay
Flexible PCB
Membrane switch

PR-2003 Features:
  1. Automatic target search with fast lock-down and high precision
  2. Servo motor control system for rapid and accurate movement
  3. Extremely fast punching action
  4. Transparent holding plate for clear material positioning
  5. Strong steel operation tabletop for lasting usage
  6. Illumination lamp ensures target is bright for viewing
  7. Quality punch tool that is inexpensive and durable
  8. User-friendly control interface
  9. Reliable German pneumatic system with minimal maintenance
  10. Low radiation colour TFT LCD monitor causes less eye strain
We reserve the right to modify technical specifications without notification, kindly contact us for confirmation
PR-2003 Specifications :
Material Thickness 0.08~1.0mm
Punching Speed 0.55 sec/hole
Accuracy 0.02mm
Punch Size 0.8~5.0mm
Target Size 0.3~4.0mm
Operating System Windows XP
Screen TFT LCD
Operation Mouse +Control Pad
Air 6 kg/cm2 dehumidified
Power AC 220V 1Ø 50/60Hz
Dimensions 864x810x1395mm(WxLxH)
Weight 250KG
Waste Collection Tray Included
Optional Ø1.0~Ø5.0mmPunch Mold be ordered


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